Penn Street Market

Penn Street Market

Penn Street Market is an open air farmers market featuring locally grown fresh fruit, vegetables, produce and dairy products in a friendly atmosphere. Penn Street Market will be located at PENN SQUARE for 2015, featuring local produce, dairy products offering lunch fare.

Thursdays 11:30 AM- 5:30 PM
June 4th-September 24, 2015.
Contact Market Director: Lucine Sihelnik

Redesign Reading Introduces the Reading Bike Hub Initiative

The Reading Bike Hub sees biking as an essential part of community revitalization that offers many economic, social, and environmental benefits to the city. The historical economic growth of Reading depended heavily on its location as a hub in the canal and rail systems. A 21St century Reading requires a robust multi-modal infrastructure that designs for pedestrian and bike safety, as well as for buses and automobiles. The hub’s location inside of the BARTA transit center emphasizes multi-modal transportation options as a critical component of any smart growth strategy. Read more...

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  • Recognizing potential community power through local politics April 10, 2015
      The Reading Eagle ran an article last month, Wanted: People to run for local political offices (2/25/15), stating how difficult it is for people to get excited about local politics, both from the side of getting candidates to run, as well as engaging voters in the process. While in his article, Migdail-Smith focuses on […]
    Sharice Towles
  • Johanny Cepeda Announces Candidacy for City Council Seat April 10, 2015
    Written by David Nazario Mother, business owner and community activist, Johanny Cepeda officially announced her candidacy for City Council District 6 Wednesday evening at her restaurant, Mi Casa Su Casa (320 Penn St.). Introduced by Michael Rivera, Cepeda spoke to a packed house of elected city officials and supporters about her reasons for running and […]
    Sharice Towles

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